The model integrates Montessori philosophy across three learning centers .



children cultivate
the desire to learn

The Apartments
a vibrant apartment campus
for a diverse community

Learning Center

people connect
across differences.




People have innate curiosity about the world they inhabit. Carefully-prepared learning environments respond to the need to learn and grow.


One-on-one interaction nurtures the unique characteristics of each participant. People learn at their own pace. Lessons are short, concise, and practical.

The Teacher as a Guide:

The emphasis is on learning. Teachers serve as positive and inspiring role models.

Proper Materials:

Our classrooms are equipped with simple learning tools for the youngest children and then gradually moving on to more complex materials

Prepared Environments:

Participants are guided to make free and intelligent choices. Learning materials are always within reach and spaces are bright and comprised of living things such as plants and pets. Mixed-age, family-type structure creates a pervasive context of security for learning..


Crossway Community is a grassroots, two-generational approach to social change — nurturing children’s curiosity while supporting parents’ capacity to be leaders of their families and community.

Our programs work at the local level.

Our ideas influence national and international policy and practice about what works for children and families.

Crossway Community is a model for social change by promoting learning, creativity and community for all families.