Awarded Accreditation
by the Maryland State Department of Education

We are pleased to announce that Crossway Community Montessori School has been awarded accreditation by the Maryland State Department of Education. 

The accreditation is the culmination of a year-long review of our curriculum,  indoor and outdoor classroom environments, teacher and administrative credentials, school operations and parent involvement.  

We are always thrilled to be recognized for educational excellence, and we congratulate everyone involved in furthering Crossway's mission of promoting learning, creativity, and community for all families!

The environment & guidance to inspire peaceful, responsible, capable citizenship.

The Montessori classroom supports each child’s development according to his/her readiness. Montessori-trained teachers are “guides” to exploration in a prepared environment.  Beautiful, orderly, and calm -- each classroom is a community of purpose.

Mixed ages and practical experiences mean peer learning, freedom and responsibility. Children recognize their own and others'  needs. They develop persistence, critical thinking, and independence.

The classrooms integrate students across socioeconomic lines. Families who choose Crossway Community for their children's education believe in the mission. They value the diversity. Children know each other as co-creators and co-learners. The details of material wealth recede. Each child thrives.

My daughter completed the Montessori School in 2009. She has excelled in the public school system, and I will forever be grateful for the Montessori education my child received early in her life. I have a thriving 10 year old who reads above grade level and a curious, creative, independent thinker.
— S.C.
Crossway Montessori School is instilling independence, confidence, manners, and compassion in our children. Because of the environment at the school, we are mindful about scaling back toys and clutter at home. Our children put their shoes away, and set the table, so that they know the they have an important role in the family. We love that the staff treat each other with care and respect,... it’s a beautiful model for the children.
— S. F., parent of toddler


In Chris and Megan’s family, two children have attended Crossway Community Montessori School. Their older daughter is now thriving in the public schools. The younger one started in the infant community, and is now in the primary group. Megan describes both her children as “amazingly independent and confident.”

From a very early age, they were able to help around the house and problem solve. They are comfortable speaking with adults and kids of all ages; they engage in conversation, ask questions, and even gave gave a short toast for their grandpa's 70th birthday — in front of a room full of adults!.Megan attributes her children's confidence to the school's emphasis on self-direction and discovery.

Megan appreciates that Crossway Community Montessori School guides, encourages and supports each child as an individual. “We love how the staff encourage the children to see themselves as part of the world in a confident way.”

Megan’s older daughter loved the social interaction she had with her peers at the school. The younger one is "all about daily chores and tower building." As parents, Chris and Megan realized the teachers care about what makes each child tick, and how to encourage celebrate them. The teachers fully engage the families, too. “Crossway Community is a unique community — extremely diverse, which makes it an even richer experience for the children,” glows Megan. 

Megan said it took a while for them to realize how much their children were actually capable of at home. And it changed how they speak to them, too. “We don’t do baby talk. We talk in a respectful way. The teachers modeled that and it made sense to us. We do not always agree, but they always feel heard.”

Chris and Megan know that Crossway Community Montessori School has impacted how their children will function in school and life. The girls are self-motivated, work well with a group, respect diversity, work steadily towards an end goal, and trust in their abilities. “That can only be positive,” Megan says, with the same confidence her daughters exude.

What happens in our Montessori classrooms is honoring the best aspects of the philosophy that we’ve inherited from Maria Montessori. We know that parents are choosing this experience for their young children because it will have ripple effects for the rest of their lives.
— Kathleen Guinan, CEO Crossway Community