Women gain the tools to succeed in college, the workplace, and beyond.

This award-winning, innovative  program offers a two-generation approach to preventing poverty and helping families thrive. On our Kensington campus, we provide safe, secure homes, and invaluable training opportunities, forty families at a time. The FLA is a workforce housing initiative.

For the dual-income, working poor, immigrant, refugee, and otherwise marginalized families, The Family Leadership Academy means the chance for social transformation and belonging. By integrating the Family Leadership Academy with the Montessori School and The Intergenerational Learning Center, Crossway Community demonstrates the power of  social entrepreneurship.


Crossway Community helps women and children succeed in life. The Family Leadership Academy helped me move forward with my life. I recommend this organization to any woman who may need a little help or push. I was blessed to have lived there.
— K.B.

From Generation to Generation

When Ebony graduated from Grinnell College, no one prouder than her mother, Jackie. No one knew better what a long and winding road they had taken.While Jackie gained employment skills, Ebony earned a scholarship to Stone Ridge Academy of the Sacred Heart. “ I saw myself as smart, more than poor,” Ebony recalls. Now, Jackie and Ebony are both active volunteers at Crossway Community. Ebony's daughter is thriving in the Montessori School. Crossway Community has brought this family full circle— mother, daughter, and now grandaughter— enriched.

The Crossway
Community Model

The model integrates  Montessori philosophy across three learning centers.

The women who have come through this program— really just stepping up to be role models for their children and the whole community— that gives us all hope and motivation to keep working on ourselves. We all just want to be the best version we can be, right?
— Kathleen Guinan, CEO Crossway Community