A Clean, Well-Lit Closet...

A Clean, Well-Lit Closet...


Getting our heads, and our spaces clean, clear, neat, organized and beautiful. At Crossway, we have found this attention to our environment, and to the way it both mirrors and impacts our mental and emotional worlds, to be so very important. It matters for children, for parents, for the elderly. It matters for all of us. We believe that by paying attention to the way our internal and external environments are organized, we are able to prioritize, stay focused, and be the best version of ourselves. It's a process.  


But then again, aren't we all a work in progress?


Please join us at Crossway Community to declutter, and make space for your own best self...

Holding hands around the world

Crossway Community has always been a place where people could come together, in safety, in collaboration, with respect, and in order to learn. It is through this steady commitment to working together, and creatively building community, that we are able to evolve and endure.

We are so honored to be part of international efforts to apply what we have learned and to share best practices and philosophies with others who have common purposes.

This is one of our original, and most important inspirations, and we are grateful to be in such company.

And so we continue the work, at Crossway Community, and always in the context of our mission, to promote learning, creativity, and community, for ALL families.

Thrilled to be recognized by the MD Dept of Education!

Crossway Community is so pleased to announce that our Crossway Community Montessori School has been awarded accreditation by the Maryland State Department of Education. The accreditation is the culmination of a year-long review of our curriculum,  indoor and outdoor classroom environments, teacher and administrative credentials, school operations and parent involvement.  Our organization is always honored to be recognized for educational excellence, and we congratulate everyone involved in furthering Crossway's mission of promoting learning, creativity, and community for all families!"

Letter from Kathleen Guinan, CEO

As founding CEO of Crossway Community, I want to thank you so much for your interest in Crossway Community.

Crossway Community is an entrepreneurial nonprofit organization that has been promoting learning, creativity and community for all families since 1990.

We are located on a tranquil campus in suburban Kensington, Maryland. Because we are Montessori-inspired, you will notice the beauty and calm of our prepared environments. As you will see from exploring our website or visiting us in person, families come to participate at Crossway Community from all over the metro DC area, and from all over the world!

I encourage you to take a tour of Crossway Community Montessori School, The Intergenerational Learning Center, and The Apartments. Our award-winning Family Leadership Academy put us on the innovation map. We are always learning and adding new initiatives. Check out the organic garden cooperative! Consider hosting your next meeting or family event with us. Join us for professional training. Move in to a cozy apartment where your family will thrive as a part of a vibrant village. As we like to say, “the sky’s the limit.”

Our new web site gives you a glimpse at what we do, featuring beautiful images by Kristen Franklin of Storybox Photography. We are always open to the ideas and contributions of artists, teachers, thinkers and activists who keep Crossway Community humming with activity and creative energy.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to working with you.  

Kathleen Guinan
CEO, Crossway Community